Opinion: The Potential behind Public and Private Partnerships

Fri, Mar. 23, 2018

A look at how the private sector in Egypt can bring in opportunities and grow the economy through innovation.

‘The Secrets of Submerged Egypt’ launched in St. Louis

Thu, Mar. 22, 2018

Khaled El Anany announced in a press conference the opening of “The Secrets of Submerged Egypt" exhibition that features sunken monuments which will last until September.

Free Korean musical event in Abu Dhabi

Thu, Mar. 22, 2018

Various Korean musicians will be performing for free at Abu Dhabi's Korean Culture Centre's National Theatre on March 26, 2018.

Minaa is back online for documentary enthusiasts

Thu, Mar. 22, 2018

Minaa VOD returns online with a new subscription service and Arab documentaries to delight film lovers everywhere.

New Merryland Park ready to welcome back visitors

Fri, Mar. 23, 2018

After undergoing some renovations, Merryland Park is now ready to welcome visitors and present them to its new facilities.

et Guide: where to take your mom out this Mother’s Day

Wed, Mar. 21, 2018

The ultimate guide to where you can treat the special women in your life tonight.

How I came to love my afro curly hair

Mon, Mar. 19, 2018

It took me years to unlearn this Eurocentric beauty ideal and eventually begin to unconditionally love my natural hair.

et Guide: a token of love for MOM

Sun, Mar. 18, 2018

We have made your hunt for the perfect gift much easier and bring you a little bit of everything.

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